Washington County Housing Market Trends

Washington County has taken quite a hit in housing prices since 2007. Even currently the median home price is seventy to eighty thousand dollars lower than it was in 2007. You can rest at ease though this isn’t an article about the gloom and doom of the housing market in Washington County. In fact it is the opposite. We are going to take a look at where we have been and where the market is headed in the future. To put it simply, things are looking up.

In 2011 things started bad and it was a roller coaster from there. We saw highs and lows and guessing what the housing market was going to do was nothing short of impossible. 2012 was even worse and was essentially a repeat of 2011 as far as housing market prediction went. It was all over the place. However over the closing months of 2012 things began to stabilize. These years were bad. So bad that the median home price got as low as $129,000.

Looking at that we are in pretty good shape right now. 2013 homes started at $170,000 and has steadily gone up every month since. This is an indication of a stabilizing market that is headed for an upward trend. This means if you are seriously considering buying a home in Washington County you won’t want to wait because prices will most likely continue to rise. Rising house prices are a good indicator of a healing economy and that is somewhere you will want to be. We have provided a graph of the housing market in Washington County over the last two years to help you visualize what has been happening. If you are ready to buy you can start your home search today by visiting utahhomesforsale.com/washington/.


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