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Mapleton is one of the most peaceful towns you will find in all of Utah County. Located just south of Provo, Mapleton has access to everything it needs from a big city while being tucked away under the cover of the beautiful Sierra Bonita Mountain. The city has 60% of its land in the corporate boundaries that is undeveloped, offering a quiet, rural atmosphere. This relatively rare environment, combined with the friendly residents, have attracted a lot more growth in recent.

Mapleton City is very careful about jeopardizing the open space and spectacular view that Mapleton is so well known for. They
are currently working on plans to accommodate diversified residential, commercial, and recreational interests.

Because Mapleton has such a unique feel and perfect blend of being close to nature without sacrificing having civilization being nearby, real estate is among the most desired in Utah. The prices of the real estate here show that as well. Multi million dollar homes are not uncommon, and finding a nice home for less than $250,000 can actually be somewhat difficult – but not impossible. For those on the market to find a new home, start discovering real estate in Mapleton, Utah.

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